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Perfect Alcohol With the Perfect Industry

If you belong to a certain industry, we are here listing down the perfect poison which will pair perfectly with your work modus operandi.

By Himaki Kumari Rathore

Social influence plays an important role when it comes to choosing your vices, taste being the secondary. Your workspace, the industry you work in, can influence the choice of your alcohol.Below is the list of industries which perfectly matches with a certain type of alcohol. Worried about their productivity? Fresh Morning espresso shots can always cure it.


Wherever the money flow, the scotch bottles flows as well. A Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky, sherry oak 18 years old blends perfectly well with this elite lifestyle of bankers. Boast about your money while indulging in this crème de la crème hobby and acquire the best clientele.


The people in Media always want to let loose after their hectic sessions of brainstorming. Let’s face it who wouldn’t want to get hammered after hitting the pit of creativity saturation. Weekends start and end with a good glass of vodka or shots. Now it truly makes you wonder is it the vodka hangover enticing that creativity or some herbal essentials, you know what we mean.


Three F’s which is famous in the startup lingo, Funding, Food and *F* you know when things go low, what you wanna scream. With constant hardship of acquiring funding, the only affordable alcohol and everyone’s all-time favourite Old Monk becomes go-to-weekend drink. Those pitching ideas, operations & logistics are always successful after rum and coke.


All those MVPs, noobs and the FPS’s require a big ol’ mug of a beer after beating their opponents. Calls for a celebration with few pints and your friends. For non-stop action you need a non-stop drink, nothing better than a chilled beer, straight out of the freezer.


The fashion industry is the hub of elitism. Wine pairs perfectly with elitism. Studies have shown that to get through the day, mainly while the day includes a wide number of tasks, pressure, and roles to complete with a smile on their face, wine goes perfectly well to end the day with. After harrowing hours with the head designer, who wouldn’t want to scream, “It's Wine Time”.


Storing Monkey Shoulder Single Malt whiskey in those teakwood cabinet while you decide how to send subpoenas to your defendants and blaring the best of Harvey Specter and Jessica Pearson quotes. That is the real way of living the corporate life. Everybody wants to live the ‘Suits’ life more like the Specter Life. To Litt up in the court you need your glass of whiskey.


The last drink is non-alcoholic. Politicians are obsessed with cows and milk. You know their love for gau-mata and milk. No further comments.

So now, what exactly is your go-to poison.


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