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Trapped in Western infrastructure.

By Anirudh Balakrishnan

Like many, I’ve had the good fortune of travelling across the world. I’ve been wowed by the modernity, equality , infrastructural advancement and how it all feels like incredible progress. I found myself cursing my luck and wishing that my khaandan was not the Gulf return Malayali kind and instead I wish, like some of the more skilled sambar guzzlers, they would gradually find a reason to migrate the “progressive”, “developed” countries.

With time, it has become apparent that the mistake who weren’t fully aware of what they were buying into as progress, may have been a seamless CTRL (C + V) of infrastructure. There is evidence of how our weather, our culture and diversity wasn’t accounted for while devising infrastructure around us. I now see these gaps as opportunities for a range of communities, services and products but most of all there is a tug of war between the infrastructure and culture which hasn’t yet had enough debate.


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