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By Nishma Madhav

Friends, Colleagues, Managers and CEOs, lend me your ears..

What is more stressful than deciding cuisine for community activity?

How many times have you asked Pizza to ‘Please Ja’ from your top ordered menu list? Thrown useless diet coke on those who don't deserve to be dieting? Heard ‘Let us chat’ as ‘Lettuce Chat’? ‘ ‘Opportunity as Opportunutty’? How do you decide what exactly is your taste bud asking for? Worry not, have some options in handy! The recipe to eat the right food at the right time is Right Below:

Bored of home lunch?

Just buy affordable food at your office canteen. No feeling is better than having to eat outside food at cheaper rates

Tired of working on the same sheet?

Take a waffle and an ice cream break, treat yourself for all the hard work you have put in and more to do so.

Feel like munching low fat edibles?

Want something fresh, go for cucumber. Something crunchy, go for popcorn or any dry fruit Sweet, go for fruits Salty, then Indian mixtures is the BEST!

Food to calm your anger?

Drink Up! (water,tea or coffee) and go for a walk!

Yet not satisfied? Run down to the nearest dhaba. One stop solution.


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